Coava Coffee Roasters

Matt Higgins began Coava Coffee Roasters in 2008 with a dream to roast coffee that was exciting for baristas and every day coffee drinkers alike. The veteran barista started Coava in his garage, but the company quickly grew into one of the premier coffee roasters in the United States. 

We decided to partner with Coava Coffee Roasters as our first wholesale roaster for many reasons. Coava is committed to creating community not only with their wholesale partners, but also with their farmers. 

Coava travels directly to the farmers to fully analyze each farm. Once they know a farm has potential, Coava will pay the farmers upfront for the entire year. This means no matter what the farmers will get paid - even if they yield little or no crop. This payment lifts a tremendous load off of the farmers, they no longer have to worry about providing for their families, and instead they can focus on creating the best crop possible. Coava is committed to investing in these farmers, helping them build up their farms and investing in their lives. 

Coava’s philosophy is centered around community and lines up perfectly with our own. We believe in community over competition. That’s why we initially wanted to partner with Coava; they treat their wholesale partners like friends, not just customers. As a start up coffee shop back in March 2017, they invested and believed in us just as much as they would a large, thriving coffee shop. Coava cares about us on a personal level and truly wants us to succeed.

Coava embodies our philosophy perfectly, from sourcing to roasting to selling, their focus is always on cultivating relationships. 

Coava themselves said it best, “In the end, it’s all about people. The relationships we have with coffee farmers, importers, wholesale partners, customers, and co­workers make it all worth it. We never forget how fortunate we are to get to work with the coffees we have, and we love being able to share them with you.”