If we’re being honest, it’s hard for us to think about human trafficking in our world today. We want so badly for slavery to be a thing of the past, we don’t want to admit that it’s happening right now, right under our noses. But it is.

Around the world there are more than 45 million people in slavery, and this industry generates around 150 billion dollars every single year. According to the Rescue:Freedom website, “Slavery turns people into property. It uses violence, threats, and lies to capture people and keep them silent and obedient. It is a violation of our most basic human rights. No place is exempt from its presence, and it’s often hidden in plain sight.” This is especially true here in Washington state. In King County alone, police estimate that there are over 500 teens working as sex slaves every day. But, thanks to Rescue:Freedom, we now have a chance to help those involved in human trafficking around the world. 

Just this past year alone Rescue:Freedom rescued 761 people from human trafficking! Rescue:Freedom is fighting slavery in 14 countries with 20 local partners, whom they work with directly. According to Edward Sumner, the Director of Engagement at Rescue:Freedom, there are many exciting things coming for the nonprofit in this coming year. A new safe home is about to open in Bulgaria, a new drop in center is being built in Bogota, and they just completed their first Local Partner gathering in Bangkok, Thailand where 45 leaders from the Rescue:Freedom’s Local Partner family gathered for a time of renewal, training, and connecting. Edward says, ”It was an impactful and transformative turn in the fight against slavery.” Edward also informed us that it costs about $2000 to provide a full year of restorative care for a survivor. Bellden is excited to come alongside Rescue:Freedom to save even more people from slavery, and help support the 1100 women and children currently in restorative care!

And you can help us support Rescue:Freedom everytime you come to Bellden! Coffee is already part of your daily routine, so why not help others on a daily basis as well? With every purchase of a Pink Sky (cold brew Assam tea with house-made mint strawberry syrup) and a Summer Love (Cold brew Green Dragon tea with house-made blueberry lemon syrup) here at Bellden, we will donate 25% to Rescue:Freedom! Help save a life everyday by switching up your daily coffee order for a Summer Love or a Pink Sky!