A Toast for Everyone

A Toast for Everyone

Here at Bellden we have carefully crafted many healthy and yummy toasts for every person. No matter who you are or what you’re doing today, find your perfect toast for each and every occasion at Bellden!

The PNW Toast for the Hard-worker

This toast is perfect for the scholar, studier, business meeting(-er), etc. This toast is loaded with Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Protein, both of which promote a healthy brain. This nutrient rich toast makes the perfect complement to a cold brew and some hard work!

The Pink Avocado Toast for the Athlete and Errand-runner

The Pink Avocado Toast is made with a house-made beet hummus giving you lots of endurance to last you through the day. Whether you’re heading off to a workout or just taking on the day, this is the perfect toast to help boost your energy!

The Sweet Almond Toast for the Health-Conscious Sweet Tooth

The honey, cinnamon, and almonds on this toast make a wonderful sweet snack without any guilt. The ricotta cheese on the toast adds a perfect creaminess to compliment the crunch of the almonds and toast. Enjoy this toast any time of the day for a guilt-free treat!

The Seasonal Fruit Toast for the Adventurer

Not only is this toast perfect to give you energy for any adventure you might take on today, it is also always changing as new fruits come in season. The seasonal fruit toast is perfect for someone who loves change and is always ready to tackle something new!

The Avocado Toast for the One Who Can’t Decide

We have tons of toast options here at Bellden, but our most popular is no doubt our classic avocado toast. This toast has been with us from the beginning and your love for it inspired us to create four more toasts! If you can’t decide what to eat (or you’re into the classics) then this simple but delicious avocado toast is just the thing for you!