It all started with a coffee date...

The founders of Bellden Cafe, met at a coffee shop on their first date. The supposedly quick date turned into long hours of deep conversations over dinner and movie, talking about life, family, kids and mostly their dream of opening a coffee shop. 

While both were working and pursuing their graduate school education (MBA & JD), focusing on this fresh romance was the only thing they could find time other than work and school. 

They got engaged 3 months later and married shortly after that. As life went on, their dream of opening the coffee shop was still being brewed quietly but not forgotten. 

As they were busy building their careers and family, their son (the boy logo in the store) got terribly sick while they were on an overseas assignment. The weeks they had to stay in the hospital with their son was extremely lonely and arduous with no coffee in sight. However, what kept them going was the local community that loved and supported them through those many restless nights with kind acts like a bowl of warm homemade soup or a cup of hot coffee from the hospital janitor or the nurse. 

This experience truly reminded them that love has no boundary in place, language or culture, and coffee will always bring us together to love each other. With that, they returned home and made their dream come true - Bellden Cafe, a community focused cafe focusing on specialty coffee, healthy food and sincere hospitality.