Jubilee reach 

Jubilee REACH's focuses on the wellness of the children and families in need through relationships, education, assistance, community, hospitality. 

"We support the social and emotional needs of children and their families. We offer mentoring, tutoring, andover 20 after-school clubs and sports within Bellevue public schools because we believe every child deserves to be known, loved, affirmed and belong to something greater than self." - its official website

What Bellden Does to Help: 

2016 was the year that we started this long-time partnership with Jubilee REACH. It all started as volunteers and sponsors at its 2016 Festival of Trees Gala, and then our friendship blossomed into a whole month of May 2017 of partnership. During that month, 25% of the Orange Blossom Cold Brew's proceeds were donated to Jubilee REACH.  Their passion about the community inspired us to contribute and learn more about the needs of others. During Fall 2017, we are honored to promote Jubilee REACH again with in-store  promotion cards, merchandise sales, volunteering and special event sponsorship. Check out our menu for the 2018 continuous partnership with Jubilee REACH. 



Vision House is a Christian non-profit that provides homelessness prevention and temporary housing with supportive services to homeless children and their families in Renton and Shoreline, Washington. 

"Our goal is to help homeless families avoid homelessness or transition to permanent housing by providing housing and services that promote housing stability. Our program consists of a tiered model including eviction prevention, fast-track housing (rapid re-housing), traditional transitional housing and referrals to long-term supportive housing. Classes and case management are provided to address the barriers to self-sufficiency and housing stability to include education and vocational training, life skills development, employment,  parenting and health and wellness. We believe that by helping people develop their God-given gifts and talents, they will create sustainable change for themselves and will be able to support themselves and their families into the future.

Vision House is committed to serving a target population that is homeless and whose income falls below 30% of the median income." - from its official website 

What Bellden Does to Help: 

We were one of the proud sponsors of their annual luncheon in 2017 and on the planning committee for the whole event. During the month of March 2017 to June 2017, 50% of the proceeds from the Spring Time Latte were donated to Vision House. We, as a family, loved volunteering at this non-profit while passionately promoted its cause at the cafe. Check out our menu for the 2018 continuous partnership with Vision House. 


"As the nation's largest state-based hiking nonprofit organization, Washington Trails Association is the voice for hikers in Washington state. We protect hiking trails and wildlands, take volunteers out to maintain trails, and promote hiking as a healthy, fun way to explore the outdoors. We believe that hiking trails are our link to wilderness and that people will protect the places they love to hike, from local parks to remote wilderness. It is vitally important for everyone to have the opportunity to access the outdoors, and we are committed to reducing barriers to hiking trails and lands."- WTA

What Bellden Does to Help:

We are committed volunteers of this wonderful organization along with so many others who are building the trails by barehands days after days, weeks after weeks. They offer volunteer opportunities like work day parties, weekend work parties and also weeklong vacation work parties. Every time is always a good time! Other than supporting WTA's annual Hike-A-Thon, we made donation through 50% of the proceeds from Espresso Summit, a specialty drink we created just for WTA. 

DSHS King County Project supported by Seattle Union Gospel Light Up the City Project (link)

Department of Social and Health Services’ Children Administration

“To transform lives by acting to protect children and promote healthier families through strong partnerships with the community, providers, and Tribes.” And put “an end to Child Abuse and Neglect.” - from its official website.

Office Moms and Dads program is a volunteer program we have participated and highly recommend to other community members who love to work with children who are in need. While the social workers are working hard to finding an appropriate placement for the foster children, we dedicate all of our attention to the children in the moments of fear and uncertainty. During those crucial hours, care boxes are being used to entertain and more importantly comfort these children. To find out more about this, please check out this video:

What Bellden Does to Help: 

One of Bellden’s goals is to connect our community members to things that they have passion for and love to be part of in helping others. On January 21, 2017, we were honored to host a care box packaging event with Bellevue Essential alums and City of Bellevue team.